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The desire to be dependent is strong and alive

Wanting a cup of validation to quench the thirst

It’s not wrong.. it’s fine

Just make sure this desire of dependency does not overload into laziness and weakness

Just make sure that cup of validation does not turn in waves in which you can drown in







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I posted this on my insta writerontheroof but i post it here too


Trace me shadows until I know

Until I know who to follow

Trace me stars until I see

Until I can see who to look up to

Trace me emotions until I feel

Until I can feel who I should open to

Trace me the answers

because I have all the questions





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Draw me

draw me the way you see me

Am I daring and free?

Will you explore my shades of grey?

or will you brush my flaws away?

Let your perception be

Do I stand tall and bold like a tree?

Or am I as mysterious as the sea?

Let your instinct sway

Draw me

Will you draw with glee?

Or will you let an exhausted plea?

Am I someone you keep at bay?

Or am I someone whos a delight each day?

Its time to see what you make of thee

Draw me

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Hunger is not the empty rumbles in your stomach that roar inside of you like waves

It is not the remote or speaker for your empty stomach

Hunger is not the impulse of wanting to be a blissful fruitful relationship with food

What hunger is

What it really is…

Is a scream in your soul. A powerful raindrop in a dry dessert​

Hunger is a painting of your faith. It depicts the feeling of wanting to be closer to the one above

Hunger is a pathway to acceptance. Accepting the fact that you do not have all the answers or reasons  and desperately wanting to go on this knowledgeable​ quest.

Hunger is a want and a need

To want and need to be a calm, spiritual human being. Hunger is a plea not a demand.

Hunger does not want to be full like a glass of water filled to the brim.

It wants to be nourished. Like a beautiful garden.

Hunger does not want to be fed. It wants to feed. Feed into good energy, faith and prosperity.


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To talk differs from to speak

It’s as different as day and night

One is strong, one is weak

Too many contrasts to write

Talking is as flimsy as a kite

Takes up a useless amount of space

To speak commands your right

It gives your voice power and might

Talking is a temporary place

A distraction from what you have to face

To speak shows what you have to say

It’s not fleeting and provides a proper place

Talking does not help seize the day

Speaking helps you the shades of grey

Talking means words can go astray

Speaking can enable words to stay

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To Poetry

You are in everything of what I see

From the waves of the storming sea

To the sounds of the mellow tree

You are constantly around me

You are everything you can possibly be

It makes you daring, exciting and free

You allow my soul to feel free

This is something everyone can see

You allow me to simply be

I fell in love with you by the sea

When I wrote my first poem by me

A poem about a simple tree

The poem about the simple tree

Was the time I was set free

A poem constructed by me

You have allowed me to see

The day by the blue sea

I  was a poet, it was meant to be

What more could it possible be?

I realized, its not just a simple tree

Or even the deep blue see

Its a privilege to be free

To express what I can possibly see

To show all of what becomes me

There are times you challenge me

Its hard to write all that can be

Sometimes its not easy, to write what you see

After all, its not just the simple tree

Even though, you have no price and  are free

Your worth encompasses the entire sea

The day by the deep blue sea

I learned something about you and me

Its essential to be free

But, I didn’t know the challenges that pose to be

How it goes beyond the pretty versed tree

Now I know how to feel and how to see

A poet by the sea.  A poet that I was meant to be. A poet you have a me. A poet that first wrote about a tree. A poet that is free. A poet is what I see.


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I, Freedom

I am a butterfly

One that is beautiful and full of love

I am a balloon that soars up in the sky

I am a beautiful white dove

But I am not a blue or black pen

Whose ink is equivalent to a powerful voice

I am not answer to “who” “what” or “when”

I am not a person/movement who has the right to make a choice

I, freedom is just an aesthetic

Freedom is not just a pretty bird that sings

I have now turned into something pathetic

I am now a symbol for beautiful things

Freedom should include every walk of life

Freedom should celebrate, every smile, struggle and strife

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